I bought my 2001 Audi TT 225bhp a few months ago and immediately started to think about getting an ECU remap done. After shopping around and reading various reviews I decided to opt for a stage 1 remap from Viezu Tuning…and what a good decision that was! The service was impeccable and everything was explained clearly. As for the result, a completely different car (looks the same though!). The power / torque increase is incredible and the accelerator response/sensitivity is noticeably improved (strangely so has the fuel economy!).  Now the car runs around 265bhp and feels like a track/race car! I can also change the map back to the original settings if I ever come to the point where I sell the car on.

I would recommend Viezu Tuning to anyone looking to get the most out of their car! Change your map, change your life! 🙂

From Simon (Reading)

Picture in Gallery

Mulgari Automotive

” we asked Gerald from Viezu Tuning to map one of our customers, 330Ci and once again he came through top trumps. We instantly noticed a lot better throttle response and overall improved engine torque, the most impressive part about it was the 5 mpg better fuel economy!! We were happy and the customer was over the moon! ”

330ci convertible (pic to follow)


Mulgari Automotive

“When it came to the 330D project there was only one person we were going to when it came to the engine map, all i need to say was the results where outstanding! Gerald and the guys worked their magic and it turned the car into a M3 beater and once again all at 45MPG!!”

BMW 330d (project car)


Big thanks to the Viezu Berkshire team in particular Gerald and the technical team for all the work they have carried for me over the years. My latest project being the wifes 120d, wow what a differance!! This is the first time I have gone out and purchased a diesal and had it mapped. Knowing what I like the team wrote a map specifically suited to my requirements and all I can say I smile everytime I drive it, huge differance!! I’ll see you guys very soon with my latest purchase …….

Regards Mo (London)


Thanks Gerald, I can happily say that I felt an instant differance the car feels smoother, quicker and wants to keep on going…… 😀

Regards Atif  Porsche 997 C2S (London)

Just wanted to drop you an email to thank you once again for undertaking the tuning of my golf V. I can hardly believe the vast improvements to the power and torque that you managed to unlock from the vehicle. Its a smoother drive now than it has been all the time I’ve owned it. There’s plenty of power on tap, and after only driving 30 miles, I’m already noticing about an extra 3-4 mpg. In terms of customer service, you beat my local VW dealer hands down in every way (and that takes some doing!). You made it clear what you were doing to the car, and answered any questions I had without so much as an “Uh” or “Hmm”, which gave me every confidence that you know what you’re talking about. Wonderful service and quite possibly the best £### I’ve ever spent! I look forward to getting in touch again if and when I replace my car. Thanks again.

Johnathon Golf Mk5 1.9tdi 105bhp (Gloucestershire) Picture in Gallery

After having my car remapped by Gerald, my car has gained 50hp! What more could you ask for? Well it has increased the fuel economy on a run as well, now achieving in the region of 55mpg! A 200hp turbo charged petrol car! You would be hard pushed to find a 1.0L petrol car with 60hp that did that. The cars power delivery is smooth and now constant through the whole rev range.

The service I received was outstanding!

Gerald is highly knowledgable and went out of his way to accommodate my requirements. He also receives fantastic backup from his highly experienced file writing team in Bromsgrove.

Why doesn’t everyone get their car remapped…?


Citroen DS3 1.6 Turbo (picture in gallery)

My BMW been transformed, driving never will be the same, car is faster. More economical? Maybe but now I don’t care about it. Pure pleasure, looking forward for another remap, this time car will be even faster 🙂 Thanks Viezu, brilliant job

Krystian (BMW 320d 150bhp)

“Gerald from Viezu Tuning did the ECU remap for my
997 and I was thoroughly impressed with everything from my initial query and
quick response, the quick and friendly service, and their extensive
guarantees.  The results on the car were
exactly as described. An excellent job all round, and very highly recommended.
Don’t be put off by ECU mods, Gerald and team are top of their game”

Jason (Porsche 997 Carrera S)

A massive thanks to Gerald for remapping my Audi S3 (2001). The car feels like its been unlocked from its cage and is now also giving me more MPG!

Gerald was very helpful in advising me about the remap,customising it for my own driving requirements and had performed the work within 4 hours of me making the initial enquiry! I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Viezu and will certainly be using them again.

Kind Regards James Thompson

(Audi S3 Picture in Gallery)

“Big thank you to Gerald, for undertaking an outstanding job on my MKIV Golf 1.8T. Gerald is a really great guy and knows his stuff and was a pleasure to be working on my car. We started off listing all the modifications that was done to the car so Gerald and his team would be able to get the best out of them, after the map it feels like a completely new car, pulls harder, smoother and just wants to keep going. The best thing is that the
maps are custom to you’re car. (Because every car is different) would like to thank you once again and will be highly recommending Viezu Tuning.”

(James VW Golf mk IV 1.8t) (picture in gallery)

‘Big thanks to Gerald and the Viezu Tuning team. The service was superb! Very friendly and proffessional. The results speak for them self, the car is much more responsive and powerful. Would recommend to anyone looking for a re-map.

( Jamie Willby 530d M-Sport) (picture in gallery)

I have now had two maps done by Gerald on my Fiesta Zs Diesel and have been very impressed by both. The power map gave me a great increase in power and the MPG was still great. I then went for a blend and I have been very impressed
yet again. The car feels quicker in the lower gears and still smooth.

Next the map for the ST

Thanks Gerald

Joe 😀 (Picture in Gallery)


“Just a note to say thank you so much for fixing up the appointment with Viezu. This has to be one of the automotive industry’s greatest secrets!! I wasn’t really sure what remapping would achieve on my 2009 Boxster 2.9 Gen 2 but the result from Jason and his team at Viezu is nothing short of stunning ~ especially when you consider that this is a normally aspirated car! The pick up is so much sharper, acceleration through the gears is just wonderful and the difference in overtaking ability is a complete revelation. It seems incredible that Porsche would hold back the potential of this engine in the way they do with the stock setup. The car now has 295bhp ~ up from the published figure of 255bhp and, as an absolute bonus, improved economy with a 16% reduction in emissions! Thank you again ~ a great day where I was looked after in an extremely polite and courteous manner by everyone at Viezu and it was made all the better by being able to chat with similarly minded petrolheads galore!

With kind regards



“Having spoken to a number of tuning companies I turned to Viezu Berkshire to remap my BMW E90 320d. The service was excellent and the performance, torque and fuel economy are much improved. Thanks to Gerald my car now drives as it should, and I have no hesitation in recommending Viezu Berkshire.”

Cheers Kieran (car featured in Gallery 2)


Hi Gerald,

So I’ve been driving the car for a couple of weeks now and can formally confirm…. It’s awesome! Smooth and powerful through all of the rev ranges, just perfect!

Thanks a lot for your work and your guidance through the potential pitfalls of upgrading a car!

Karl (Audi TT 225bhp).

Hi Gerald

Just a quick thank you guys for remapping my Mercedes Vito 111 the difference is night & day the van pulls so much better now without any hesitation & I’m getting around 60miles extra on a full tank of fuel.

Thanks again.

Rob.   (Mercedes Vito 111)

I spent a long time researching the various options for remapping my 2010 BMW 325d.       I eventually found Viezu Berkshire locally to me and had a detailed conversation with Gerald on the phone explaining exactly what could be achieved and the professional nature of the way does things. We opted for a “Blend Remap” improving Power and economy. The difference is fantastic.  It’s woken up the 3 litre engine and it is so much more enjoyable to drive. The power is there immediately and no peaks or dips, or the dreaded black smoke that I have experienced with other remaps. I highly recommend Viezu and Gerald in particular. He knows what he is doing and is a really nice bloke

Mark / Ashford, Middx (BMW 325d in gallery 3)

Huge difference in power and MPG once Gerald had worked his magic on my 320d, will no doubt be coming to him from now on with any tuning and upgrades that I require, highly recommended!”

Guy (BMW 320d in Gallery 3)
The Pursuit of Perfection …

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