Viezu Economy Tuning

Diesel engines are particularly tuneable for increases in economy and power tuning and MPG tuning, especially developed for fuel saving and economy. Viezu Berkshire can also supply and fit the range of Viezu V-Box diesel tuning boxes, suitable for a very wide range of applications.

Viezu Berkshire specialise in engine tuning conversions and engine power and economy tuning. Viezu Berkshire carry out ECU remapping especially aimed at MPG tuning, fuel saving, fuel reduction tuning and engine economy tuning, (Engine chipping fuel economy) this can offer both strong increases in fuel economy, whilst still offering diesel power and torque. ECU chip tuning is suitable for a very wide range of applications, including 4×4 tuning, (Range Rover tuning specialists) Taxi economy tuning, van tuning and commercial vehicles.

Diesel tuning boxes can be very useful for a number of applications, but tuning boxes are particularly useful where easy installation is required, or where dyno testing and dyno tuning may not be suitable, i.e. commercial tuning, HGV tuning, lorry, tractor tuning and van tuning, where an “in the field” tuning solution is required, or where the owner / driver may require to return the vehicle back to standard easily and without a garage trip.

Tuning box installation options from Viezu Tuning

  • Mobile Tuning box installation
  • Mail order delivery service
  • Workshop fitting and dyno results

Viezu Berkshire stock and hold a range of performance diesel tuning boxes, we can supply and fit and at your convenience. We can also offer full training at no extra cost on how to remove and refit your chosen tuning box yourself.


Diesel tuning box benefits

  • Warranty on all tuning boxes
  • 30 day money back promise
  • Full compliance to legal exhaust-emissions standards
  • Workshop and dyno proven power and economy results
  • A full range of tuning boxes available for many applications
  • Plug-in units can be easy to fit and remove
  • Mail order supply can be arranged – no garage trip
  • Mobile tuning / installation option
  • The unit can be removed and fitted to your next vehicle (if applicable) or sold if you sell your car


Once Viezu have supplied your diesel tuning box, the improvements in BHP and torque will make a significant noticeable difference to the performance of your vehicle. Furthermore, common rail units can be set up to provide a performance focussed driver with the power at the part of the engine rev range where they demand it most and even with the improved diesel performance you will also make a fuel cost saving.


One of the most common reasons for fitting a Viezu V-Box diesel tuning box is the economy and fuel savings you can make. Once the Viezu V-Box diesel tuning box has been fitted to your vehicle, you can achieve improved fuel consumption, this is caused by the more efficient engine combustion. In most cases savings of up to 15% is possible which makes it ideal for fleet operators or high mileage drivers.

City drivers including for example Taxi drivers also benefit as the torque characteristics of the engine change and become more elastic thus fewer gear changes are required, reducing the need to brake and accelerate which are causes of excessive fuel consumption.

Pulling Power

For those with a heavy loads, horse boxes, caravans, trailers, etc, a Diesel tuning box can provide the power (torque) required when wanted most. No more having to drop 1 or 2 gear levels to get up inclines, higher top end speeds for drivers with loads who cannot reach the safe road speeds they would normally get when operating under normal driving condition.

Motor Homes

Diesel Tuning boxes are available for most motor homes as well, boosting, performance, power and fuel economy.


Q Can a tuning box be fitted to a petrol engine?
A Yes, some petrol vehicles can be fitted with a tuning box, please call the Viezu team for details.

Q Why are they so good on turbo-diesel engines?
A Because it is essential to have an excess of oxygen in the combustion chamber. If you inject more fuel, there needs to be a significant quantity of air in order for it to burn. The turbo thus enables the atmospheric pressure in the combustion chamber to be increased.

Q Can I obtain a Tuning box from anywhere?
A There are many tuning boxes on the market, Viezu have been tuning vehicles for 20 years so we are in a great position to offer you the best advice. Also many tuning houses only offer either tuning boxes or ECU remaps, but Viezu offer them all, so we explain the options and you make the choice.

Q How much do they cost?
A Tuning box prices do vary, but most are around £299

Q How long will it take?
A It all depends on the Vehicle , but the tuning boxes can usually be fitted and programmed in around 45 minutes.