ECU Tuning

Viezu Berkshire in combination and with support of Viezu Technologies UK have developed a range of performance engine tuning and ECU services, including ECU Tuning, ECU programming, chip tuning and ECU Mapping / ECU Remapping. We are able offer performance ECU upgrades for nearly all cars, with multiple performance tuning approaches, including OBD, flash programs, BDM remaps, piggy back units, ECU chip tuning and live ECU remapping.

Based in Berkshire, UK (just off the M4) we not only cover the South East and London but the whole of the UK. And through our ECU postal service we can also cover the rest of the world.

All tuning files are developed in house at Viezu HQ and are rolling road tested and tuned to release maximum bhp, torque and performance.

Viezu Berkshire is at the very leading edge of ECU and car tuning. There are many myths about how ECU work is carried out, but in fact it’s not rocket science and once you remove the smoke and mirrors it’s quite straight forward and guaranteed results can be delivered.

There are a number of different ways to produce more BHP and torque from your Engine ECU, be it Petrol engine tuning or Diesel tuning, these include, but are not limited to.

Chip replacement (ECU chipping, car chipping, chip tuning)

Flash reprogramming (Super Chips, Star chips etc)

Piggy back ECU modules.

Interface ECU modules

Custom ECU remapping

BDM Tuning

Live ECU reprogramming

Special offers are available for clubs, trade and group bookings for either ECU upgrades or performance power runs.

  • Audi Tuning Huge Audi performance power increases available, up to 60 BHP remaps. The whole Audi range is covered, including performance
    tuning for the Audi S2, S3, S4, S5, RS4, RS6, TT, and Audi R8 Tuning.
  • Bentley Bentley GT tuning, Bentley Turbo tuning and continental, with 70bhp + and impressive
    increases in power and performance.
  • BMW Tuning Full range of BMW remaps and BMW Chips available, up to 70bhp All models of BMW covered including BMW M series tuning, removal of speed restrictions. BMW Mini Tuning, R56 tuning and performance modifications.
  • Ferrari and Maserati Tuning Full Range of  Ferrari tuning and Ferrari performance ECU engine tuning available.
  • Fiat and Alfa Romeo Tuning Performance Alfa Tuning for most models.
  • Ford Significant Ford ECU remapping performance power increases available. Many of the Ford range of vehicles can be covered, including Fiesta, Focus, ST225 and RS as well as Ranger and Transit performance tuning.
  • Jaguar Viezu Berkshire cover almost the whole Jaguar range, including both petrol and diesel vehicles. Jaguar F Type, S type, XK, XKR and XJ tuning, performance Jaguar ECU remaps and supercharger and exhaust modifications available.
  • Lamborghini Lamborghini tuning and Lamborghini performance ECU remaps from most of the range of vehicles, very effective car engine conversions.
  • Landrover / Range Rover Full range of Land Rover tuning and Land Rover performance remaps and tuning services and products for both petrol and diesel models.
  • Range Rover Sport Range Rover Sport tuning remaps -45-50bhp and super charger upgrades.
  • Nissan Many of the Nissan range of vehicles can be covered for ECU remapping and Nissan performance conversions.
  • Mercedes Tuning Nearly all models are covered for Mercedes ECU remaps, including SLK, S, SL55, SL65, C63 and CL55 AMG tuning, as well as Sprinter van tuning, economy tuning delivery significant gains in power, performance and fuel saving with the economy  tuning.
  • Mini ECU Remapping and Tuning Viezu Berkshire has an unbeatable range of Mini engine power conversions for the full range of BMW Mini vehicles. Mini performance tuning including ECU remapping, Mini ECU chipping, flash tuning and Mini engine tuning. Including BMW Mini Diesel engine tuning and ECU remapping, Mini One tuning, Mini Cooper and Turbo tuning can be covered with either ECU mapping or Mini tuning boxes.
  • Mitsubishi Performance Mitsubishi ECU modifications for many of the range, including Evo5,6,7,8, and 9, diesel tuning for economy.
  • Porsche Tuning The whole range of Porsche ECU’s are covered, Porsche Remaps and tuning can deliver some very significant gains in power and performance. i.e. up to 70bhp and prices starts from just £499, models covered include 996, 997, 968, Cayenne, Boxter, Cayman and Mecan.
  • Subaru Performance Most variants covered, significant gains from Subaru tuning.
  • Van Tuning and Motor Home Tuning Most vans, motor homes, pickups and even lorries can be tuned in exactly the same way as cars. Van ECU remapping and van chipping including Transit tuning, Mercedes Sprinter tuning, Peugeot, Citroen, Fiat and VW  transporters. Vans and lorries can be tuned to boost performance as well as delivering considerable gains in MPG. Most Motor homes ECUs can be tuned as well, Motor home tuning will not only result in increased Motor home performance but can considerably increased MPG.
  • Vauxhall Tuning Many models covered, including Manaro and VX220, Astra VXR and Corsa VXR Vauxhall performance ECU remaps.
  • Volkswagen Tuning VW performance tuning, all Vag vehicles covered. The whole VW range is covered including petrol and diesel power, performance and economy. Performance tuning for the Polo, Golf, Bora, Toureg and Scirroco etc, VW ECU remaps and VW ECU chips.

Worldwide ECU mail order service. We can tune your ECU wherever you are !

Remapping work includes the removal of factory set speed limiters. (were applicable)

The Pursuit of Perfection …

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