Air Filters

Viezu fit and supply an extensive range of performance air filters, conical filters and cold air induction systems, including K&N filters, Piper cross air filters and BMC air filters and induction kits.

Nearly all makes and models of vehicle can be covered by the wide range of performance air filters available from Viezu Tuning Performance.

It is our advice that wherever possible a cold air induction system should be fitted as this will result in the best increase in induction air and deliver the largest increase in BHP and performance. However, where induction kits are not available, or where cost is a factor a good quality performance panel filter, such as a K & N and BMC filters can also deliver a good increase in air flow.

A good air filter or induction kit is an important factor when considering an engine ECU remap, or when chip tuning a car. Where possible it is always advisable to fit a performance air filter or better still a cold air induction kit prior to ECU remapping or chipping.

World wide shipping is available on our range or performance air filters and air induction kits.


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